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Japanese Computer
Emulation Centre

(JCEC in Japanese)


This web site is designed as an introduction to the great world of Japanese computers. While in Europe and the US we were all blasting away on our spectrums and Amigas, the Japanese were using their own micro systems.

JCEC DVD Collection (NEW)

Get access to hundreds of Japanese Computer emulators and games by ordering the JCEC DVD collection. The DVD is free to anybody who sends me an original FM Towns, X68000, PC88 or FM7 game!

Latest Additions (send us your updates)
2nd December 2007 - 'Back for good'

Well the big update took a bit longer than anticipated - actually over two years. A big thank you to anyone who's been checking back occasionally in that period to see whether the web site would ever be refreshed!

I actually got locked out the site around 18 months ago when my "free" host moved the site and changed the password. Since then I moved house and am about to become a Dad (in Jan / Feb!) so have been a bit distracted. However, since the JCEC has been running for over 10 years now - I couldn't let got over the site and managed to find out the new password and start updating again. Hurrah!

Since the number of emulator releases is not as high these days I thought I'd use the site as a bit of blog to look at my perspective on the emulation scene and other IT bits and pieces. The wisdom in this approach may be questionable but heck who really cares.

I've given each of the system sections a refresh by adding more cross reference material. 3rd party web sites like Wikipedia and Old have really come into their own in the past three years and there seems little point in replicating a small part of their information on each system. What I do want to do is provide links to the latest versions of the main emulators and more importantly the files needed to get some level of enjoyment out of these computer systems.

Finally, thanks to a kind donation from a reader, I've updated the JCEC CD Collection to be a JCEC DVD collection with a DVD dedicated to FM Towns games. I'll also be hosting an FM Towns game a month for downloaded by everyone (presuming this doesn't knacker my hosting arrangement - fingers crossed.

BTW if there are any Japanese readers out there who have the time or inclanation to help out with translation I would really like to hear from you!

I'd also welcome any stories or links to YouTube videos related to the fine art of Japanese video game playing. To celebrate my purchase of an FM Towns (still need a monitor cable if anyone knows where to source one from) heres a fine FM Town video to start off:


Checks out other find videos from (YouTube) or Japan Games (website).

Big Update coming soon :)

I've not given up but have been busy starting a new job and moving house. Expect an update of all section fairly soon.

Java X68000 emulator available (June 05)

Only just noticed this but the site that hosts the official Sharp OS and X68000 software library now also features a Java based X68000 emulator. Amazingly this emulator runs in a browser window and I managed to get it working on my Mac using Safari. Its pretty slow but its an impressive technology demo and can only get better as processor speeds increase. Looks like the emulator is still being improved so watch this space for news on it.

There are a couple disks to try out (including a shooter!) but email me if you work out how to a) speed the emulator up and b) get it to load any software you have on disk images.

X68000 Java Emulator home page

PC6001V Ver200a released (June 05)

Well written PC6001 emulator for Windows. There's been a couple of releases of this emulator over the past month. It looks like ASCII are now doing a special PC6001 package to sit alongside the previous MSX and X68000 emulator and game compilations.

PC6001 emulator home page


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