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Cross Platform Emulation
Development & Resources

Project Objectives

Project status

We're currently reviewing existing MC68000 emulators, to decide which one to use for the project.

What do we need?

  1. As much documentation as possible. Currently the project is in a information gathering stage. If you have access to X68000 internals information, programming documents, or even source code then let us know. Also, because the X68000 is a Japanese system we need Japanese language speakers who are interested in helping to translate information and maintain project web pages.

  2. Programmers! A number of programmers have already shown interest in the project but we would welcome other people who are interested in helping, with the main code or with platform conversion. We're particularly keen in contacting programmers with experience in programming the X68000.... you're information would greatly assist the project.

What do we have ?

Programming Guide Version 2 An edition of the X68000 programming guide with extra information
Japanese X68000 Programming Guide Valuable guide to programming X68000 in zip format.
IRQ Mapping Guide English IRQ information for X68000
FDD Data As above but Floppy Drive information
MFP Spec. MFP specification doc from Yoshikazu
CTRC (Video) Spec Graphic mode information galore

Someone already sent us a memory map, and a description of the chips, that are used in the X68000.

Memory map:

000000-1FFFFF supervisor area,user area
200000-BFFFFF main memory
C00000-DFFFFF graphic vram
E00000-E7FFFF text vram
E80000-EBFFFF system i/o
EC0000-ECFFFF user i/o
ED0000-FDFFFF memory sw
FE0000-EFFFFF void
F00000-FBFFFF cg rom
FC0000-FFFFFE ipl rom

Details I/O area:

e80000-e81fff crtc
e82000-e83fff video
e84000-e85fff dmac
e86000-e87fff area set
e88000-e89fff mfp
e8a000-e8bfff printer
e8c000-e8dfff sys. port
e8e000-e8ffff FM sound
e90000-e91fff pcm
e92000-e93fff fd
e94000-e95fff hd
e96000-e97fff scc
e98000-e99fff 8255
e9a000-e9bfff int1

Details sprite area:

eb0000-eb7fff sprite register
eb8000-ebffff sprite vram

This are the chips used in the X68000: