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The emulators, documents and games featured within the JCEC are now available on a ONE DVD for only 30 GBP or 40 USD. So now everybody can enjoy the very strange but wonderful world of japanese computers and games. The contents of the CD are provided in a handy directory listing that can be downloaded below:

JCEC DVD 1 (Sharp X68000, PC98, FM Towns, PC88, PC6001, FM7, Sharp X1)

Alternatively, the full DVD collection is also available for free if you send an original FM Towns game to the address listed in the ordering link.

Whats on the CD?


The latest versions of all the Japanese emulators featured on the JCEC (the versions are constantly updated). Including all the systems roms needed to get everything up and running. This includes: X68000, PC98, PC88, FM Towns, PC6001, MSX, FM7, MZ series and Sharp X1


Lots of them! The DVD contains probably the most comprehensive collection of X68000, FM Towns, PC88, PC98 and FM 7 games available (over 800!). Including titles from Sharp, Konami, Telnet, Temco and Atari.

In essence the DVD provides an excellent library of Japanese micro computer gaming history.


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