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This web site is designed as an introduction to the great but weird (from a western perspective) world of Japanese computers. While in Europe and the US we were all blasting away on our spectrums, Atari's and Amigas, the Japanese were using their own micro systems. Some of which spread to the west, e.g. the MSX, many of which we never got to see. Including arguably the best micro system every designed, the Sharp X68000.

Check out these other great sites maintained by AlbX (#X68000), _Bnu (X68000 Games Pile) and the #X68000 ops (Human Xperiment)

The JCEC is now available on a convenient CD containing emus, documents and games. For more information check out the JCEC CD page.

Latest Additions

Fujitsu FM 7 roms and games added!

Finally got hold of some FM 7 games for you to try, thanks to Peter for the help. So the FM 7 games section is up and running. Please note that these games archive are not zipped but lha archived.

If you can supply more FM 7 games or have links to web pages with games for Sharp X1, Sharp MZ-700, Sharp Turbo Z or Fujitsu FM 7 then let me know :)

NLMSX V0.24 and Annex 86 V2.14b released

The latest version of NLMSX adds PSG sound support. This MSX emulator is looking better and better with every release. Watch out BrMSX and RuMSX. There has also been a new release of Annex86, as usual I'm not sure what is new ;)

Translation for X1 millenium and Win68k updates

Kenjo (Win68k):

- New routine by Punyu(author of "Xmillennium") is added for speed and atability up. (JS - speed up pretty noticeable in Marchen Maze)

- Added MIDI function preliminary

- Added Special Priority mode and Transparency effects

- Added Address Error check on 68k-core.

- Many many bug fixes ;-). Mainly, X68k-core/DMA/Timer/Interrupts.

Puni (X1 millenium):

- Fixed FDC (for Albatross, The Famtasm Soldier Valis)

- Fixed CTC (for DEZENI world)

- Fixed DMA (for Rogue Alliance)

Thanks to the emulator authors for the translation. Keep up the great work!

Dempa Video Anthology for X68000 added

Added Volumes 1-13 of the excellent Dempa Video Anthology to the X68000 software archive. Top 20 games section should start to appear over the next week.

EX68 2.03 released

Yamama has released EX68 2.03. Not sure whats new but it looks like some windrv changes.

X1 millenium V0.25 released

Second major release today, keeping the japanese micro fiends happy throughout the weekend... who needs daylight ;) Again the changes are in Japanese, but it looks like this release features some bug fixing to the FDC, DMA and CTC.

Win68K V0.2 released

Kenjo continues on his quest to produce the best X68000 emulator ever with the release of Win68K V0.2. I'm hoping to get a translation of the changes soon but midi support has been added, I think some transparency effects (judging by the pictures of Dracula) and a 68K bug has been fixed which was effecting Code Zero.

Added a link to the official Sharp X68000 bios and OS disk releases. These pages are hosted by Molice, web editor of the RetroPC Network. to launch soon!

Yes, JCEC will soon be moving to its own domain name. So no longer will the site have a web address that is possibly the longest address in the emulation world. I'm also hoping to have the X68000 top 20 and video game anthology online this weekend :)

EX68 V2.02 released

Yamama has released a new version of EX68. I've tried the latest version and am not too sure what the changes are. There still seem to be some compability problems with the latest version compared to V1.xx

MZ700Win V0.50 Final

Takeshi Maruyama has unfortunately released the last version of his Sharp MZ700 and MZ1500 emulator. Let's hope that development continues soon. As with the FM7, if anyone know of any software libraries on the web for this system then let me know:

The X68000 weekend? News from Sharp & two new releases!!!

Sharp publicly release X68000 roms and system disks!
That's right Sharp have publicly released the X68000 system roms (BIOS and cg), along with the Human 68k OS and SX Windows 3.1. This means that we can all use EX68 and Win68k legally without owning an X68000. Thanks to Seise for this fantastic news.

Yamama releases EX68 without protection!
On the back of Sharp's announcement Yamama has released a version of EX68 which will work with the public X68000 roms (e.g. the ones used with Win68k). Therefore there is no longer any need to crack EX68 when a new version is released!

New version of Win68k!
As if the public releases of the X68000 roms and unprotected EX68 wasn't enough, Kenjo has released V0.10 of Win68k. Lots of nice new extras : support of hard disk images (get Dracula running), disk access indicators (very cool), video bug fixes e.g. Ajax and no colour clash on my system!!!!

X1 Millennium V0.24 released by Puni

One of the best Sharp X1 emulators has been updated. X1 Millennium's author has added support for the Sharp X1 Turbo Z (where the screen shots originated on the WIP page), also support for extra graphics modes and a number of bug fixes for specific games e.g. Alpha, Euphory, STAR CRUISER and Wizardly#1. Does anyone one know of any X1 Sharp game sites on the web (aside from the JCEC!)?

Retro PC face lift

Molice had given his excellent Japanese Micro web page a cool face lift. The site also now features a moto : "Yes. We love Japanese Retro Personal Computers. Aren't you?". Retro PC is a great source for breaking news on the Japanese computer emu scene, scooping the JCEC so many time that I've lost count! Check out the links section for yourself.

MSX emulator update blast

The two best MSX emulators out there have been updated. BrMSX 2.4 has been released by Ricardo, sporting a number of bug fixes. Also NLMSX V0.23 has been released, video synchronization has been improved and there have also been some speed increases. The MSX was a great series of machines and its good to see authors still looking to improve their emulators.

Annex86 small update

Annex86 has been updated to release number 2.14a. I'm not sure what has been changed within this release. If you know then send me a mail.

Hot of the press.... EX68 V1.11 crack

Direct from the man himself, TyRaNiD, I've just added the EX68 crack :)

Top twenty games being added to the JCEC!

Time I got off my lazy back side and started to make the JCEC content rich again so I'm going to setup a top twenty games section for each of the PCs featured on these pages. The idea is to have information on each game and a screenshot, but I need your help! So please send me your top twenty game's list for X68000, PC98, PC88, MZ-700, Sharp X1 and Fujistu FM7 (with screenshots if possible!). The only rule is no hentai titles.... I just don't agree with them in principal.

Fixed the Sprite X68000 games link

Thanks to Suzukil for the information, the Sprite games link within the X68000 games section has been fixed.

EX68 V1.11 & D1.11 released!

Ok, so two more releases of EX68. Yamama must be on speed, plus there now seem to be two versions. I guess the D stands for debug. Let me know if this is correct. Also hold of on downloading the last version because Yamama has changed the protection code again. TyRaNiD where are you? [update.... he's on the case!]

Version 0.6 of Win68k released!

Rapidly becoming my favourite X68000 emulator, Win68k has been updated to V0.6. The emulator is really starting to come together now, the speed seems to have increased since V0.3, the compatability level is greater (mouse support) and the configuration options are becoming more comprehensive. Keep up the good work Kenjo.

Alas I'm still getting strange colours when I use the emulator, and I haven't got a clue why. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it. Let me know your experience with Win68k :

Annex 86, MZ700 Win & XM7 updated!

Annex 86 has improved CD ROM support and some other bits and pieces. This emulator is pretty complete now and is a prime example of well coded a piece of emulation software can be!

MZ700 is up to version 0.49, the author seems to have added save and load state support and the ability to change window sizes. If you have any disk or tape images for the MZ700 then please send them onto me.

XM7 has been updated to version 2.0, unfortunately the emulator now needs extra rom files so I'm not sure how this new version looks. A new screen mode seems to have been added to this version 640x200.

Inevitably our friend TyRaNiD has delivered a new patch for EX68

Now up to V1.09 (thanks to some minor bug fixes), we can all enjoy the new version of EX68 thanks to a crack from TyRaNiD. The crack can be found in the X68000 section. As usual just apply the crack over the original program and then double click on the registry fragment.

Yamama if you read the JCEC, please give us full screen support with scanlines! This would make EX68 simply bliss.

Stone the crows its an EX68 release!

Completely out of the blue Yamama has released EX68 V1.07. Many had presumed that EX68 had been laid to rest last year but apparently not. The new release includes support for long file names and 68030 support. Good to see EX68 being updated again and I look forward to many hours of playing hunt the patch :p

Win68k V0.02 released

New version of Kenjo's X68000 emulator. Judging by the recent screen shots this version is more compatible, although hard disk images are still not yet supported. A framerate option has also been added which will be a welcome addition for us non-power users. My colours are still wonky as well :(


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