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Emulation Number 9
Excellent Japanese emulator site, similar to Retrogames but in Japanese and regularly updated. This site cover all the standard US / European emulators but also all the Japanese emulators mentioned within the JCEC.
NFG Games
Awesome site from Lawrence in Japan. Vast amount of information on Japanese computers and consoles. Regularly updated and puts the JCEC to shame ;)
Retro PC
Another excellent Japanese emulator news site. Focused on micro emulators. You may need to refresh the browser after clicking the link above.
VGB or Chiptune News. Cool web site with excellent design, dealing with a niche but interesting subhect.
Computing Museum
Fantastic site with a low down and history for almost every home computer system ever released, including the X68000, X1, PC88, PC98 and MZ series.
Possible the greatest web site in existance after Google. As you'd expect there is comprehensive coverage of all the systems highlighted within the JCEC.
Full Motion Video web site
Lots of information and games for the PC98, FM 7 and FM Towns. Excellent job by the all round nice guy and web master Ben!
Zoom Software Company 
Great X68000 software company who have released many of their titles into the public domain (now appear to be offline).
X68000 screenshot and review database
MASSIVE collection of X68000 magazine scans, including reviews and lots of cool looking adverts. 
Human Xperiment (no longer updated)
Excellent all round X68000 games and news page. 
Kaku's Home Page
Excellent Japanese page on X68000 games with EX68 screen shots.
Yamama's Home Page (no longer updated)
The man who started the whole thing off by writing EX68 and developing bastard protection systems! You have to admire this guys ability.
MSX Resource Centre
Really excellent MSX web site with great design, up to date news and really good active forums.
Sharp MZ Series
Sharp MZ museum pages
Cool site with lots of information and links for the Sharp MZ-700 series.
Fujitsu FM 7
FM 7 games information
Extensive web site listing all FM 7 game titles

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