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Annex 86 Hints and Tips


Thanks go to Unipuma for putting the following hints and tips for playing games on Annex 86 together.

Over to Unipuma....

Before running these games, confirm some points in Anex86's "Config" menu (this information is correct for version 1.42).

  1. Check "Ext-RAM" in "System".
  2. Check all checkbox in "Sound" and set "buffer" about 10. "buffer" depends on each system's power, if you fell some noise increase "buffer" to 15 and try again.
  3. Make sure that "anex86.bmp" is selected in the "Font" section.

If you want clear sound (44khz) download aneopen44.e86 and put this file into the same directory as Anex86.exe.

When using hard disk images (.hdi files) make sure that "FDD1" and "FDD2" are empty. Load the ".hdi" file into the "HDD1" slot and start the emulator :)

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