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PC-9801 was released by NEC on '82 for business purposes originally. This was the first 16-bit computer for NEC.

In the beginning
The earliest one had i8086/5Mhz CPU and 128kbytes of main memory, the graphics capacity was 640x400 with digital 8 colours. Since their 8-bit computers, such as PC-6001, PC-8001, PC-8801, got decline in popularity presently, NEC set this machine to be their staple products.

The best seller model was PC-9801VM (V30/8Mhz CPU and 384kb memory, dual 5inch FDDs) released on '85, and then PC-9801VX (i80286/10Mhz 1MB memory, 640x400 res. with analogue 16 colours of 4096 colours) followed. V30 is an Intel-compatible CPU developed by NEC. The latter is virtually the standard for following machines from NEC. Although most of games available there set the standards it, PC-98x1 series have upper-compatibility they can be worked on nowadays' one.

The next generation
Until '92, PC-9801's graphics ability had not been changed very much, they however forced to think better of it because of Microsoft Windows 3.0. The new model was named 'PC-9821' not PC-9801, and had SVGA-level graphics (640x480 with 256 colours). Apart from graphics, this had CD-ROM, SCSI, 40MB of harddrive, and 4MB main memory. Since its CPU was i386SX, running Windows seemed to be bit annoying.

PC-98x1 series had progressed year by year, there was PentiumII model installed Windows95 very recently. To tell the truth this computer is not different to IBM PC awfully, this is however why this computer was reduced.

Sonic capacity
Lastly I describe about its sound capacity. This computer was originally deigned for business use, the sound was bit poor; SSG (AKA PSG)x3 and FMx3, these are monaural, of course there was some models which don't have sound feature. The next generation of sound feature appeared along with arrival of PC-9821. Its capacity was SSGx3, FMx6 with drum kit, 44Khz/16bit PCM, all are supported stereo. Although there're still more another type of sound features, the above had been used by almost all games.

More to come....
By the way since PC-98x1 series had ruled Japanese computer scene, many many softwares available. Those emulators will supply us the huge legacy.

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