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X68000 System Lowdown


History (thanks to Lance!)

The X68000 is many ways similar to the Amiga/ATARI-ST. 68000 based series of personal computers. It was made by Japanese electronics company SHARP. First released in 1986 the system was only ever available in Japan. Like the Amiga and ST it features its own unique operating system, originally designed by Hudson. About one hundred and twenty thousand (120 000) machines were shipped. Production of the machine stopped some years ago, when Sharp halted assembly.

There were a lot of software not only games but also gcc, tools, and lots of graphic/sound data for X68000 series. (This is a reason why I mention X68000 is similar to Amiga/ATARI.)

I guess there wouldn't be much point in emulating a system unless it had something to offer, and the X68 has a rich and varied software base.

(Information from Stephen King)
The X68 had many arcade games translated to it and 99% of them are arcade-perfect translation in X68000. For example, the Final Fight in X68000 was out even before SNES's Fight Fight, and it has 24-bit true colors, 2 players simutaneously, and can have hugh sprites on the screen without slow down. Other games include A-Jax (a game by Konami which is a first arcade game that use mode 7 effect), Super Ghost N' Goblins, Salamander (Life Force), Paradious, Super Street fighter II, and more.

On top of the gaming software it seems like a lot of impressive graphic software was produced for the platform, and a number of ports from other systems, including a couple of version of UNIX.

The Techy Bit (System information)

  • MC68000 10MHz clock
  • max 12MB main memory (standard 1MB or 2MB)
  • DMAC 63450
  • MFP 68901
  • display mode 768x512, 512x512, 256x256 31.5KHz/15.98Khz
  • text bitmap vram 4bit/pixel 1024x1024pixel 512KBytes with x,y scroll
  • graph vram 512KBytes. with x,y scroll
  • pixel 1024x1024pixel 1plane
  • pixel 512x512pixel 4plane
  • pixel 512x512pixel 2plane
  • pixel 512x512pixel 1plane
  • sprite vram 32KBytes
  • 16x16pixel/sprite x 128
  • backup ram 16KB
  • palette 64kcolor
  • priority control,transparent,video inpose.
  • Yamaha FM sound chip
  • oki ADPCM chip
  • 5inch 2FDD

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