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EX68 User Guide




EX68 English User Guide


Step One : The obvious bit!
Download the file "" from the emulation page, labelled "EX68 V1.00 working archive". Create a new dirtectory on your hard drive and call it "X68". Using winzip unarchive the contents of "" into the "X68" directory.
Step Two : The illegal bit :)
The X68 window should look something like this :

window.jpg (23159 bytes)

Double click on the file "yamama.reg". You will be asked to confirm that you wish to enter the registry fragment into the registry. Click on "Yes", followed by "Ok".

Step Three : Running the program
Now double click on the "Ex68.exe" icon. EX68 will now be loaded and you should see two different windows. The larger window is the X68000 output screen. The other window represents the X68000 disks drives and front panel buttons, we'll call this window the "status" window :

window2.jpg (14743 bytes)

This looks really complicated but thankfully we can ignore most of it.

Step Four : Loading a game
Let's imagine we have downloaded a couple of games from JCEC (of course!). The game zips have been unzipped and stored in the "X68" directory. For the sake of this example we'll imagine that the Pacmania zip had been downloaded and extracted. The file "pacmania.xdf" is currently sitting in my X68 directory.

I load EX68 and then within the status window I click on the first "no disk" box. This is the box just below the "FDD" label. You will notice that there is a green light flashing to the left of the box (this indicates that the disk unit is waiting for a disk). Clicking on the box a new window appears :

window3.jpg (16123 bytes)

You can now select which game disk we wish to load. When you double click on one of the disk files it is loaded into the X68000 disk unit :

window4.jpg (15372 bytes)

Step Five : Thats it!
The game will now automatically load :

window5.jpg (41754 bytes)


Step Six : .... well almost
Some games will involve more than one disk.

window2.jpg (14743 bytes)

Each of the "no disk" boxes represents a X68000 disk unit, so within EX68 four are available. The top box is disk unit one, as already discussed, the second top box is disk unit two and so on. Multi-disk games basically use up the equivalent number of disk units e.g.

window6.jpg (15737 bytes)

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